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Looking to buy 2010 Prius - Should I be concerned with this repair? Read more: http://forums.automo

I’m looking at a 2010 Prius at a dealer 3 hrs away. I put the VIN in Toyota’s maintenance site and got the maintenance record at a dealer. Everything looks normal except for one repair at 33k miles. The owner drove the car for another year and another 20k after this repair before trading it in.

Should I be concerned? No accidents reported on CarFax.

COVER,FR BUMPER L TO5211947917 1
SEAL, HOOD TO FR TO5339547020 1
SUPPORT, FR BUMPE TO5211547020 1
LENS & BODY, FR T TO8151147021 1
SUPPORT, FR BUMPE TO5211547040 1

Thanks for the advice.
If I am going to look at the car I need to drive 3 hrs this weekend.


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Looks like an accident to me. Not all accidents are listed on CarFax. Judging by the small amount of work, you might justify to get a little off by mentioning the parts replaced. It appears that the damage was all on one side with no intrusion into the engine bay.

pass on it, there are other accident free cars to be had.

You must want a Prius Real Bad to be willing to drive 3 hours to the selling dealer…I hope you have a local Toyota dealer nearby to take care of any dashboard warning lights that may appear at some point down the road…The repair parts point to a very minor accident…No hood or fender, no airbags…Basically, just some plastic trim pieces…Check the paint on the bumper for any signs of peeling and that the color matches the fenders perfectly…

The dealer knows you have hot pants for the car so bargaining will be difficult but I would at least try…

Thanks for the help guys. The dealer is CarMax - a no-haggle, one price dealer. Although an undisclosed accident (however minor) certainly warrants a price drop. The couldn’t transfer it up where I am because they don’t have the title in hand yet.

Fortunately, a friend at a local dealer just got a Prius in - same year, similar price. Would rather buy from him.