Looking for other saturn oil pans cracked during towing



Hi- I have a 2001 Saturn L300. It was recently towed (for snow removal). After ransoming my car from the dark, non-plowed lot, at 11 p.m, I drove home and discovered oil all over my garage floor the next morning. I called AAA and the very nice and informative truck driver siad that it was possible with cars like this (apparently is is a big issue with Saabs) that have a very low oil pan, that if the drive is not careful, even on a flat bed, that the oilpan can get cracked. Sure enough, the dealer gave me the pan and it has a hairline crack in it. The owner or the original towing company said that his driver was very careful and that in no way could anything having to do with the tow damaged the pan. I have now talked to the fleet manager at AAA for our region and he agrees that this is possible, although he has only seen it on Saabs and has paid for the replacement of oil pans for exactly this occurance. No one, however, wants to go on record saying that this can happen with Saturns, although the towing specs do have a couple of different caustion in them because of the low oil pan. Upshot: Has anyone else ever seen this with other cars, and in particular a Saturn L series? I have a good circumstantial case against the tow company for them to reimburse me but would like to give another example of a Saturn being Damaged in this way. Thanks so much!