2001 saturn L300 V6 all oil in water


Sorry about such a long thread.My grand daughter has a 20001 saturn L300 with v6 engine. It was fine when she took it to an oil change place (miffler brothers). The service person broke something on the filter by using a jack handle which she then had to go to a dealer to buy a new part. When she got home (about 10 miles) there was no oil in the engine and the radiator water resevoir was overflowing with oil and all over the driveway. Her mother siphoned out 2 gallons of oil from the water reservoir then refilled the engine with oil. She then brought the car to me (another 10 miles) I removed another half gallon of oil,the oil dip stick showed full. She drove back to her mothers again and the same thing happened again. The oil change place had the car towed to there shop 3 days ago with no word yet. What could possibly do this. And could wrongly installing a filter part cap or whatever the part was he replaced cause this.

Thanks for any replies.


Also forgot to mention that there was no water in the oil pan either time.