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Looking for MK1 OR MK2 VW Rabbit

Volkswagen Rabbit really want one

To each their own.

Use the internet… it can and will help you in this endeavor. Hemmings and other publications, VW enthusiast websites etc are also very useful, and are also online as well. The internet my friend, the internet.

This is not a “For Sale” site. Try “Bring a Trailer” or your local car selling site (we don’t know where you live)

Check out VWVortex and TheSamaba forums, both for VW enthusiasts, I bet both have classifieds areas.

If you are going to the trouble of getting one of these, I’d recommend finding a GTI version, much more fun.

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The Classified area for these on VW Vortex is reasonably active, the GTI listed most recently the owner decided not to sell.