Mk6 golf vs bmw 1 series

Im looking to buy a new car but i can’t decide between a golf mk6 and a bmw 116i or 118i (2007+). I like the bmw more but after doing research im not so sure anymore, apparently the n43 engine isn’t very reliable wich is scaring me a little bit. I only drive like 6000 km or so a year. If anybody has any tips or advice for that would be great.

Same advice I gave my son. Buy new so you have a warranty and trade before the warranty expires. Or choose more dependable options which is getting harder and harder.

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I’d love to buy a new car but unfortunately that’s financially not possible.

6000Km per year ? Easy lease it for 3 years, then lease a new one. Lather, rinse, repeat. Any engine problems with either the BMW or VW will be covered by the warranty.
If you want a long term car, look else where.

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Which is it?

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im looking to buy a used car sorry not a brand new one

Then I would recommend you stay away from either of those. Look to a US or Pacific Rim vehicle unless you live in an EU country, even then I’m not sure about either of them. Usually expensive to repair.

yeah i live in the eu but i guess i’ll look for a different car then

Neither marque is a paragon of reliability, but at least the VW will be cheaper to repair.

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if you can get it to pass inspection. there was a problem with VWs not being able to pass inspections. I believe there was a class action lawsuit. not sure if problem got resolved and what years it included. but its something to check into. maybe others here will know.

it was for diesels…
Volkswagen Lawsuit - Emission Test Class Action Lawyers