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Looking for info on a 2001 mercury cougar

I am interested in a 2001 cougar but unfortunately am finding mixed results online, and consumer reports doesnt review that years model. the car i am looking at is the sportier version with all the extras added on and has about 101 000 miles. if you can help with any advise i would apreciate it. thanks

Have you tried wikipedia? Doesn’t go by model year but by body style changes. Also lists known oddball versions.

Ford or Mazda will have an equivelant model that you can get base information from. I don’t know what the current equivelant is for the Cougar, but there is one because Mercury isn’t a manufacturer of a car - it is a component of either Ford and, or Mazda. It used to be and is occasionally equivelant to the Ford Mustang. Its a long shot, but also look for equivelancy in Subaru or Volvo, and even Ford Europe if you have to - which is all ownd by Ford International.