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Looking for help, chev lumina AC not repsonding

What is the likely cause for Climate Control not responding to several buttons: AC, vent, bi-level, etc. Climate control defaulrs to defrost and floor. Temp control works, fan works. Additional clues: cruise control not responding, courtesy lights under rear view mirror not responding. Checked fuse, swapped solenoids. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think the interior lights are related. I just looked over the 2000 Lumina circuit diagram and the mirror lights are powered by fuse 28, also check you don’t have the dimmer switched to the off position. If the fuse looks okay and the switch is on, you will need to trace the circuit with a voltage meter or test lamp starting at the bulbs ~ if your dome light works, it’s the mirror light bulbs.

As far as the AC is concerned, what year is your Lumina and does it have an auto or manual AC system ?