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Looking for computer chip for my max to burn regular

We did not buy a Maxima because Nissan said ‘PREMIUM REQUIRED’. Is there a computer chip that I can put in to the Maxima to let me use regular gas and not void the warranty? change

Even if you can find a chip installing it will void the warranty.

Forget the chip and buy premium gas. If you can’t do this then sell or trade the Maxima.

No, only ‘chips’ you’ll find are for increased performance, most don’t work. The ‘premium’ requirement is partly determined by basic engine design (compression ratio).

Any tuning of the ECU will be done with a hand held tuner or laptop. Any “chip” you see for an OBD-II compliant vehicle will be scam, and it will void the warranty. Perhaps a 4 cylinder Altima will better suit your sensibilities.

You paid 30 grand plus for a car, now you want to skimp on the fuel needed for it? With a 20 gallon tank, you’d only be spending 3~4 dollars extra over regular, depending on where you live.
Just be glad you don’t have to buy 110 octane fuel, that’s $6+/gallon

Have you ever tried a tank of regular? Many “Premium Only” cars will run fine on regular grade fuel. If your Datsun will not tolerate regular, you will hear a rattling, pinging sound when you accelerate… If you can not detect any change in engine sound when accelerating, you are not hurting anything…

No this cannot be done. The engine was designed for performance. You want cheap gas. So go buy a cheap car. The engine may use a mid quality gas however or a mix of best and next best. The engine compression ratio determines the best (no knock) burn rate. This is what octane tells you. Usually engines above 9.5 to 1 compression require higher octane. This can be shifted by the timing up to a point. After that the emissions are an issue. You change that and it is a federal violation. Forget the warranty. The bust for chipping a car is 10K and they get the car.

That solves that. Thanks