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Looking for a used rear driveshaft for my Subaru Outback 2004 and they say it is the earlier one, 2003. Suggestions you have one?

I have a Subaru Outback, 2004 all wheel drive, manual shift, that needs a used drive shaft. Now it must be the earlier model, 2003 so is specific. What do you know about this. My driveshaft has been wobbling. Any one have a lead to one, online?


Who is saying the driveshaft needs to be from a 2003?

Aamco of corvallis Oregon is saying that. They were the ones who looked at it.

Um, not a good source. Second opinion time from a real shop. I had my car towed to one of their shop once and it was really hilarious. They hardly let me use the mens room while I waited for the tow truck from the dealership. Yeah and agree with You can do a nation-wide or more local search.

Rockauto sells them. About $400.,2003,outback,2.5l+h4,1418161,drivetrain,drive+shaft,2308

I would get a second opinion though, I wouldn’t take Aamco’s word as gospel, or even hearsay for that matter.

Good I will check get another quote as they want to sell me a new drive shaft and u joint for 800 and then 700 dollars labor. Thanks.

Doesn’t that labor quote include replacing some transmission seals?

Yes it does