Looking for a scanner with graph display capability

I am somewhat confused right now. I bought an Innova 3140 scanner some time ago. It claims to show sensor outputs, but it does not do that. You get a fast changing digital reading which is no good at all for telling what your sensor is actually doing.

Clearly, I need something which displays a graph of the sensor output.

I suspect I simply can’t afford one, but can’t even seem to find one which will do that. My 3140 internet says it will graph, but that is obviously false, so I have no idea what that word, "graph’ means in reference to the 3140.

Others say the same thing when obviously they do not display a graph.

So, how do I find a scanner which will really display sensor outputs? Are those the $4000 machines?

And, if the solution is a separate oscilloscope, how does one hook it to the OBDii system?

Thanks for any information.

I read the product description for your Innova 3140 and it sounds like you may need to hook it up to a PC or laptop in order to do the graphing.

This is what one reviewer on Amazon had to say about it:
“The software is very nice. It is simple and easy to use. I use an old Gateway Pentium III laptop running Windows 98SE with 288Megs of RAM, and it works like a champ. I did not see any information at all on what the minimum requirements are, but most of you will be running something newer/more powerful than my machine. The laptop is so old that it has a real serial port on the back of it, so no USB adapter was needed. Those who need a USB-to-Serial cable might want to consider getting an old used laptop instead, since the one I use was less than $30 on an auction site.”

Do you mean by paying for additional software to make this happen? Sorry to sound lost, but I guess I am, heh, heh.

Yes, that’s what “optional” means. :wink:

Here’s the link to the manual again:

The manual says the scanner will record data and that you can play it back. Have you tried that? It should make the sensor output more readable if you don’t see it the first time. (See page 39 for recording the data).

Watch this YouTube video demo of your scanner. At 3:30 elapsed time it shows the graphing feature on a PC. But it says the “Live Data” software needed comes with the tool. And at the end of the video, the guy says again that it comes with all the software needed.

Did you find any software disks in the box when you bought it?

Busy at this moment, but will look it over again ASAP.

I am going to post a more or less related question, but on its own thread, also after done cooking. Thanks for tips. Some times I get balled up on something, usually because I can’t fully visualize what is involved. And, with a bit of coaching so I can visualize it, then I go ahead.

This is going to take some serious time, what with other things happening. (Example: my wife’s cousin died a week or so ago, and they have ceremonies they do here for many days.)

Yes, the CD’s were there. But, they require the scanner to be connected to the computer with RS-232 cable. The cable is supplied but most ordinary new computers are not set up for RS-232.

I think I bought an RS-232 to USB adaptor, but with my flawless filing system, just finding it will be a major chore. So, I may not be back here for some days unless I accidentally bump into that adaptor.

I do have the original manual. Heck, I even lost the owners manual to my Sienna a few years ago, and it has not shown up.

The original manual is paged differently from the one linked above.

Well, thanks. I will be back, just not sure when.

The review suggestion to buy a cheap used laptop, not practical here in Mexico. It is the USB adapter or nothing, I guess.

OK. Sounds like you’re on the right track. If you can’t find your adapter cable, they’re pretty cheap.