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Looking For 7-10 small SUV

I just started my small fitness business,(women’s only boot camp) I’ve recently started. I want to buy a small, used SUV for marketing purposes that I can have wrapped or decaled. Looking for something that is dependable preferable 7-10 years old. Is there a make/model that you suggest? I appreciate the help!! Love, Love the show!


Normal, IL

The most popular are the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV.

You haven’t told us how many miles a year you will be driving your rolling advertisement. The Honda Element isn’t known for comfort, but it has funky color schemes that would draw attention. The Honda is apparently a reliable vehicle, but it isn’t as popular as the CRV and you may be able to get used one at a good price.

Ford Escape
However, in that age range, make/model isn’t as important as how it was maintained.

Subaru Outback or Forester.


If you really don’t want to spend much, a Pontiac Aztec might be a possibility. This vehicle is funky looking enough to attract attention.

96-2000 rav4 The best little suv EVER 250,000-300,000mi is not uncommon.
Parts are cheaper than hondas and there is a great rav4 site
over 7000 rav4 owners that has ANY info on the rav4
2001 was new model and they had some trouble with the 2001s