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Looking at a used subaru with a new or not buy?

I am in the market for a used car and I am wondering if something like a new transmission is a good thing or a bad thing? Part of me is thinking it’s good cuz it should last awhile. The car I am looking at is an early 90’s subaru legacy with 122k on it and a new transmission. My girlfriend has one of these cars and it has 190k on it, so I know that they tend to last. Any advice was be appreciated…thanks

If your looking at an early 90’s anything a replaced(automatic) transmission is a good thing. Have a mechanic check the potential vehicle over before purchase.

It still an old used car and should be thoroughly checked before purchase. A new transmission is a good thing because they’re pricy. What you should determine is the definition of the word “new” as used in this case.
Many people consider a “new” transmission to be a rebuilt one or a used one from the salvage yard or eBay. Even the word “rebuilt” can be questionable because there are half a dozen ways of defining that word also.