Long tube headers and tune?

I was about to have bbk 1-7/8 long tube headers and catted x pipe installed over the weekend to replace my stock headers, stock cats and aftermarket MBRP H pipe. currently my only mods are a JLT cold air intake an 93 tune from VMP performance.

They just sent me a new baseline tune to load onto the car after installing the headers and x pipe, which is just using whatever parameters there are for my current setup which is just intake and aftermarket H pipe, but now i’m guessing they changed some parameter factoring in the long tubes to add to this new tune they just sent me.

They’re telling me just load the new tune on after installing the headers and drive it. I asked if datalogging was needed and they adamantly said no. I trust them because they’re experts and pretty respected in the mustang community but at the same time common sense makes me wonder why WOULDN’T they recommend just one datalog/revision after loading the new baseline tune just to make sure everythings running 100% right. They’re basically just taking my previous tune for just intake, adding whatever parameters they added for long tubes and sending me the file. To me this seems like just a canned tune and the fact they’re not recommending a datalog after makes me raise an eyebrow. Should I insist they do one revision for me after loading the new tune or just let it be?

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I’d say that any collection of parts needs to be calibrated, hard to imagine they have a tune exactly set up for what you have.

Hopefully @Mustangman will have some ideas.

I hate to say it, but this is probably the worst forum to ask performance questions, your Mustang forum would be a better place to ask…

But if you have a tuner that knows what they are doing, then do what they say…

Or your best bet is to take it to a performance shop that tunes vehicles either on a chassis dyno or does road tunes (or both), those are the only true tunes, other than that you are using a tune that worked on another vehicle and is close to what you have…


Given that they have data from your first tune, that may be why they think they don’t need data from the header tune.

The mods made are very typical to what many Mustang owners do so the tuner has lots of data points to consider.

FoDaddy did virtually the same mods. The shop that did the mods tuned in on a dyno after installation. This is the best way, in my opinion, but not the only way.