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*Long-life* (?!) coolant

Can I flush long-life coolant from my radiator and replace it with standard coolant? Many gm models are involved in a class-action suit as a result of dex-cool allegedly causing manifold gaskets to deteriorate. My car is too old for the settlement and I want to avoid the $$$ manifold gasket repair in the future. Thanks.

Sure you can! As a matter of fact, I have many people come to me and have me flush the Dexcool out of their GM vehicles as soon as the vehicle goes out of warranty.


Thanks Tester…appreciate the quick reply. BTW, since so many GM models are in this pickle, I think some comments on coolant by Tom and Ray on an upcoming show would be greatly appreciated by many.

Apparently the V-6 GM intake gaskets deteriorate anyway, dex-cool or not. You can change to standard coolant, whatever you think that is, but most of the coolants on the market today are HOAT antifreezes, which is very similar to dex-cool. Just about everybody uses it now and it is a very good coolant.

I had the same problem with my 1999 Montana. I noticed that the coolant was starting to gel in the fluid recovery reservoir, so I took it to my independent shop and they flushed and changed to the green anti-freeze. It has been several thousand miles and no problems. The green is also cheaper than the Dex-Cool.

One of the big lessons in life is just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it right. :slight_smile: In my opinion, a person has got to be suspicious when such a large number of vehicles are involved and the suspect product is listed in the court documents by brand name–that’s really going out on a limb if you don’t have the proof to support it. I’m sure the gaskets will “deteriorate anyway”…most car parts do with age…I prefer not to hasten them along.