Dex-cool or another long life antifreeze

i have just purchased a 2004 deville with 44000 miles.My last deville a 2000 had head gasket issues even though i changed the coolant every 2 years.could i use another type of long life antifreeze other than dex-cool?my 1998 buick had intake gasket problems as well.

People I know who purchase new GM vehicles with DexCool have the vehicles cooling system flushed of the DexCool as soon as the vehicle goes out of warranty, or if a used vehicle it’s done immediately, and the coolant is replaced with one of universal type coolants such as that sold by Prestone.


If you don’t believe DexCool is safe don’t wait till the vehicle is out of warranty to get rid of it. No harm will come from using a universal coolant at any time in the cars life span. I can’t see the car devevopling a warranty issue because of a universal coolant but I can see it developing both warranty and after warranty expires issues because of DexCool.

If you think its bad get rid of it now.

On the other hand DexCool was detremential to intake gaskets,it never was linked to headgasket failure.

OP you amaze me, we have people posting about one bad experience with a paticular oil filter and never buy the brand again,you have 2 bum GM products and buy a third.

I bought a 2000 Blazer in 2003 with 35k miles. At 44k the intake manifold gasket was changed and I had the dealer switchover to the regular green coolant. The coolant is changed every 3 years. Other than replacing the radiator last year, I haven’t had any problems with the green coolant. The truck has 110k miles.

Ed B.

absolutely flush out the dex cool and refill with standard green any tech with any shop time under their belt has seen first hand the havoc dexcool wreeks on a cooling system also you should bleed your ststem of any air pockets to avoid any problems jethro

I am not sure of the dex cool head gasket problem, but if you want to change coolant type one suggestion would be Peak global that supposedly gets along with that coolant in case it is not entirely removed.