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Long drive, numb butt, Seat Cover suggestions?

I will be driving about 15-20 hours with only an overnight stay to break it up. Any suggestions about what kind of cover I can put over my old and not very supportive leather seat? All body parts will thank you.

On your trip, stop at a truck stop, they carry the best ergonomic seat and back pads. Ask a trucker or two which work the best.

Thanks - but want to get it before I leave, and this will be in Australian outback - not alot of truckstops that carry anything other than maps / gas / candy.

Try A Medical Supply Retailer. I’ll Bet There Are Good Pads Available For Wheel-Chair Bound Indivduals.

You could try a “stadium seat” from a Sporting Goods store, but many won’r give the comfort you’re looking for. You need something like “memory foam”.

You’ll probably need some kind of lumbar support if your car doesn’t have it. You can try a Chiropactor’s office. Many sell pads and supports.

Changing positions helps, compared with sitting in one position for hours on end.


Take the time to stop and walk a few hundred yards occasionally.

[b][i]In The Outback . . . With Dingos And The Sting Of Poison Darts . . . Or Whatever There Is In The Outback ?