Locksmith or Mechanic?

We have a 1988 Mazda 323 – Last night we were trying to turn the key, unsuccessfully, soon realizing the battery was dead. Once it was jumped, we could move get the key to turn, but it was very difficult (perhaps to much force while the battery was dead) … drove it home and now the key won’t turn at all. Do we need a locksmith or a mechanic? It’s Sunday and we’d prefer to get it taken car of today (and our mechanic is closed).


You need a mechanic. For the battery.
And a spray can of silicone lubricant. For the lock. You should be able to turn the key even without power.
If the key is worn out, you might need a locksmith too. To make a new key. If after liberally squirting silicone lube in the hole, of the s still difficult to turn you’ll need that locksmith.

I agree with Mountainbike, but he probably forget to mention that maybe it’s just that one key that is bad. I’d try a different key if you have one.

Excellent suggestion, Yosemite. Two heads really ARE better than one!

Many cars need an operational battery for everything to work. Given that jump it and go from there.

I have read your post, though it’s not right to suggest you an option as you have already get good suggestion and I think the problem would have solved yet. However, I would like to share my personal experience when I have faced the same problem. At that time I was also bit confused whether to call a mechanic or locksmith. But at that time as my friend had a number of metronyclocksmith, so I called them for this job. Though they have done this work quite easily but at last said that it can be done by the help of mechanic too. So I would like to suggest anyone that before calling a locksmith it’s beneficial to consult this problem with local mechanic first.

I would suggest using graphite powder to lubricate the inside of the lock. It comes in a small plastic tube that you use to “puff” a LITTLE powder into the lock. There is probably enough in a tube to lube 50 locks. Locks generally don’t like liquids such as WD-40 or silicone spray lube. I’ve never seen a locksmith use anything liquid. If you’ve already sprayed some into your ignition, it’s too late.

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