The young lady who's key would not turn to start the car


The Brother did answer the question, but I believe they missed two point.

First, She indicated that the “boyfriend” (sorry I missed the first part and I am not sure it was a boyfriend) had a hundred keys rabbit’s feet etc. on his key ring. This is a likely cause if the problem. That extra weight can damage the lock.

Next most lock smiths will come to the car and make needed repairs and you don’t need to take the car to them.


Hey guys, BTW i am a longtime listener. Never before questioned your answers till now. I had a 93 Camry. Before I could turn the ign key I had to first PUSH in on the lock cylinder before it would turn. This replaced the button on top of the column of previous models of Japanese cars. Summary tell the lady to push in THEN turn key. Call it the missing link hard to find


Another point to consider is that the boy friend may have had this problem and figured out how to circumvent it. She should call him, fess up, ask him if he has had this problem, and get his input on what should be done. After all it is his key, keyring, and car. She didn’t do anything neglegent and should approach the problem as ‘Your car is broke. What do you want me to do about it.’

Just MHO