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'Locking More Than the Doors as Cars Become Computers on Wheels'

A few years ago I was reading about OBD lll. In that system, communication to virtually all devices is established using some kind of frequency. This eliminates miles of wiring in a car the only wires needed are power. For example, the power window unit has one power wire to it. When you push the window down button, it sends some kind of radio signal to the corresponding window motor to go down. It is designed for short range commands, like a police officer can shut your car down. Agencies can get your car history. Location, speed and when and where you have been and how fast you were doing at any specific place. This technology is ready to implement, but the car manufactures are afraid to run with it because they don’t think the general public wants this kind of privacy breach. Then I heard on the news that President Obama signed an executive order to implement OBD lll by some year in the future.

Fox news?..

HA! Don’t know if it was from that right wing fanatic crazy news or a left wing fanatic crazy news channel.