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Locked in hubs

I was wondering if anyone can give me any information about a mechanical problem that I developed when I picked up my vehicle a 2004 f-350 diesel from the dealership after having my rear seal replaced. The hubs were not locked in when I dropped the vehicle off but they were locked in when I picked it up and I can not get them to unlock my four wheel drive indicator is also not working. Coinsidence or could this be somehow related? I also had the vehicle serviced. Thanks for your help!!!

What rear seal rear crank seal,rear pinon seal more info needed.To know what might have been removed.

It was the rear engine seal.

Dont know why the hubs would be locked for that work but the trans and transfer case had to be removed to replace the rear crank seal so it is possable that a connector on the transfer case was not reconnected. that is were the 4x4 indacator gets it’s signal from.