Lock up and can't ride

I have a 2005 Crossfire,I put some new rims on and in the process the rear calipers locket up. I come to find out that the car has a towing security lock sensor that kicks in when the front of the car is lifted up. Dose anybody know how to unlock the system, please help. Thank you .

Tigger Girl, Lower The Front - End ? You Must Have Tried That, Already.

Seriously though, have you checked the Owner’s Manual?

Nice pic of you and your motorcycle, by the way.


yes, I have and no luck. I did check the manual. oh by the way lock you
:slight_smile: I still need some help. do you know any body that can help?

oops! Thank you is what I tried to say.

Tigger Girl, I’d Try Going To Or Calling A Chrysler Service Department Or Two, And Asking Them, First.

Are there any Crossfire Owners Clubs online that you can contact?

I looked around and found many references to the feature that activates the alarm system in the event the front of the car is raised for towing. There is no mention anywhere that the braking system is involved at all, only that the alarm system will sound. The idea that the car would lock the rear brakes sounds a bit weird to me, all things considered. Where did you hear of this operation?

BTW- this will sound stupid, but have you checked to make sure the parking brake is completely released? Many people set this brake before jacking up the vehicle and it affects the rear brakes only. It could be easily overlooked…

All of the references indicate that the tow alarm can be disabled but make no mention of how it is done. I suspect the manual for the car would address any security features and how to disable them, especially one that includes towing. Check the sections under jacking, tire changing, alarm system etc.

I don’t see how it would be much of a deterent-- cars get towed with their parking brakes on all the time.

I agree. The cost to benefit ratio is prohibitive considering the ease of defeating it and the implementation would be fairly complex to boot. Much easier to simply provide a load switch triggering the alarm.

My bet is on the parking brake…

We have and all they want is to do is take the car in. we were hoping that we would be able to get some help here. It may just be something sample that we do not want to pay a arm and a leg for. Thank you for your reply. but if you do come up wiht something it would be nice

Umm, several things here:

You said that you installed aftermarket rims.
Did you make sure to get the proper length bolts to mount the rims to the car?
If you use the stock bolts, and they are too long for the rear wheels, what happens is that the studs go into the rear hubs too far, and hit the parking brake bits.

A quick way to test this it to mount the stock rear rims and tires back on the car, and see if the car now drives normally.

Also, the alarm feature you are talking about will activate the alarm if the car is placed on a lift, and towed. There is a little button on the dash right in front of the shifter to deactivate this feature when your car is being towed.

In case you don’t have one, go to this Chrysler website, and download a copy of your owners manual for your Crossfire:


One last thing.
I haven’t seen your post on the Crossfire forum, so I know you haven’t been there yet, otherwise you would have had this mentioned to you already: