Lock/radio/dome light dash lights wont work. shorted dimmer while car was one

I was installing a new hu into my car and while doing so i shorted out the electrical system. i checked my fuse box i had a 20 amp fuse blown. i changed it out with a 25 amp to get it back up and running didnt have no 20 amp fuses. what else should i look at.

I presume that a “hu” is a “huftner ubenspeedenbrackener” …the one behind the grippenslipper

and the 20 amp fuse went to the reverse polarity rotor feeder, in the secondary electrical output of the helix amplifier.


I take it hu means radio head unit?

i figured it out ended up being a blown fuse in the engine compartment. and yes hu means Head unit or reciever.

Well I’ll be… the guessing game is maybe over!!!

I had no idea what the heck he/she was asking!!!

Why look at anything else you fixed the problem, but just put in too big a fuse. Replace it with a 20 amp and see if it continues to work ok for the next week.


Not a good idea to replace a fuse with a higher amperage one. Coworker bought a car for his son and the rear wiper wasn’t working. His mechanic found a 15 or 20 amp fuse where a 10 amp was called for. The wiring harness was damaged due to the incorrect fuse. Three weeks, a replacement wiring harness and $1700 later the car was back on the road.

Ed B.

Good fuses are cheap. I just bought a pack of 15A bussman fuses for $3.99. I alreasy had 5A, 7.5A, 10A, and 20A. A lot cheaper than a $1, 700 wire harness. Look to the fuse marked for ‘courtesy’. This controls the locks, lights, and memory of the hu.