Blowing fuses


2000 Buick Century blows the fuse on the circuit for the tail lights and dashboard every 2-3 days. Can find no obvious reason. Is it safe to go to a higher amp fuse? Thanks


No. The size of the wires in the circuit probably couldn’t handle to extra load the short is causing, and could be a fire hazard if a higher amp fuse is used. The problem should be traced down and repaired. The most likely culprit will be a chafed wire somewhere grounding out intermittently. The wires will need to be traced .


No. It’s NEVER safe to go to a higher amp fuse. The fuse protects the rest of the circuit. You have a short somewhere. Find it and fix it. DO NOT go to a higher amp fuse. You could end up with a fire.


Ditto what the others said. To help you with the repair of this I recommend you either purchase a service manual or go to and purchase the service info on line. It will save you time and money in shop repairs.

I would look for the problem near the tail lights to start with. You may get lucky and find it quickly.


Is it safe to go to a higher amp fuse?

[b] Never! [/b]  The whole reason for having fuses, is to protect you and the car.  There is a problem somewhere and not fixing the problem is leaving the hazard.   I will add that just changing fuses is not a safe policy either as some situations could damage something or cause a fire even with the original size fuse in there.  

Find the short, which can be frustrating for intermittent shorts.