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Living Small/Driving Large?

I am saving to buy a tiny home on wheels ( and need advice regarding the proper vehicle to tow said house. I am not looking for a new vehicle, but a good, used vehicle. Any suggestions?

buy a scamp and save yourself 25,000 and 1000s on a tow vehicle

With the houses of today being built of wood chips glued together and the components lab tested to silly specifications, you’re probably better off with a small house on wheels. Much depends upon what the thing weighs. Checking, will be right back.

Didn’t see anything there, but it looks like you could use a 3/4 ton truck if you are going to be moving frequently and far. That vehicle would have the environmental impact of a 500 pound meteorite. You win some…

I don’t think the tiny houses are designed to be towed around like travel trailers. The cost of a tow vehicle and its fuel will negate any savings from living in a tiny house.

My son is considering one as a guest house. From what I have read they are not designed to move around as a regular thing. They are not designed as a travel trailer. I hope you have considered that many areas have regulations that don’t allow them.

First pick the house model, then decide how far and how often you plan to move it. The three I looked at weighed 4000-7000 pounds dry. Depending on your goal a travel trailer might be a better route to a portable home. I lived in the back of a short bed pick (30 sq.ft.) for a year.

This sounds more like an advertisement then a question.

I know people who live small (camps), but enjoy the out of doors. If that’s you, it could work. These homes seem to be for infrequent moves. I’d buy an environmentally friendly vehicle (compact) and hire out the moves. That’s cheaper than trying to find a use for a behemoth when you’re not moving around.
Otherwise, if you plan on moving more than I’m seeing, my question would be; who’s chasing you ?

Are you trying to live the lifestyle of a full time RVer? In that case, you would probably be better off with a real RV.

You will need a full size pick-up truck, like a Ford F-150 or a Toyota Tundra. If you plan to move the thing a lot, you might consider a diesel truck.

I agree, seems an RV would be cheaper, more practical, and probably more roomy as well.

Hate to burst your bubble, but for the price of those houses and the cost of a tow vehicle(you’re probably looking at an F350, maybe even a diesel version), you could buy a VERY nice RV and have the whole package in one vehicle.

edit: beaten to the idea by only a few minutes

Great minds think alike.

[b][i]Why Not Use One That’s Already Set Up In The Location In Which You’re Relocating?

They’re Called “Cottages” If You Need To Do A Search. We’ve Got Several Nice Ones For Sale / Rent Around The Lake, Here.[/i][/b]

Many State Parks rent little rustic cottages, too.

That way you just have to move yourself and your stuff. Depending on what stuff you’ve got, anything from a moped to a moving van will work.