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Little League parking lot problems - charge a parking fee!

Here’s a suggestion for the gentleman having problems with Little League parents parking in his building’s parking lot. Instead of putting up the chain gate suggested by the landlord, why not make a sandwich board sign saying “Parking $25,” put up cones in the entrance, and charge Little League parents who are trying to enter the parking lot for parking there? And then inform them that the lot is a private lot, so they can either pay to use it or go elsewhere.

Tenants could take shifts during game days, and then put the $$ towards a big grillout celebrating the end of the Little League season…

They do this in Phoenix ( Avondale ) AZ during Nascar races and it’s accepted practice.
Anyone with a little space will bank a little profit from their front yards, driveways, and acreage near the P.I.R.

The little leaguers wouldn’t need to make it that dang high but you’re right, they can certainly gain something for the trouble.

Another idea is to put up no trespassing signs and then call the police and have them cited for trespassing.

One might not even have to man the gates, as they will go elsewhere vs $25, best idea yet!

I think on the show they discussed having them towed…I think that would do it. I had my car towed once and I’ll never risk it again.

If they’re going to have someone parking cars, I’d fire up that grill and have a cooler full of drinks every game. There’s money to be made there too, unless the field has concessions.