Little Car now my workhorse

I bought a Scion xa two years ago for just short work trips and (occasional) longer family trips. Now my new job has me driving up to 500 miles a week. It is mostly state highway driving. Questions: Can I add some milage to the oil changes or do I new to be even more certain to hit it every 3K? Also what other now more regular maintence should I be doing?

Considering most of your driving is highway use, I think you can extend the oil change interval. Three thousand miles, while not harmful at all, can be stretched out to 4 or 5k miles if you prefer.

If the car were mine, I would change spark plugs every 50k miles at the latest and change the fuel filter every 15-20k miles. With the latter you might consider changing it even earlier if a fuel contamination problem is suspected. I’ve seen a number of cars towed in because of clogged filters and those cars did not even have a 1k miles on them. It only takes one load of contaminated gas to plug a filter up and even a partially clogged filter can shorten fuel pump life.

And of course, check tire pressure every other week at the latest. Hope that helps.

do I new to be even more certain to hit it every 3K

Why are you trying OT hit 3K now? I have not seen a car that needed 3K oil changes since the 70’s. Modern oils and engines are far different and don’t need oil changes that often.

Consult your owner’s manual, and follow the recommendations there. Remember that they have both a time and mileage recommendation and it is whichever comes first. Make sure you use the materials recommended in the manual. Also since you are likely doing more longer trips, that usually as OK noted, means longer change intervals. I suggest you pay attention to what else he noted as well.

I have even seen studies that indicate that early oil changes can increase wear. The increase was very small and I would not worry about it, but it does indicate the lack of need to change more often than recommended. Rather than replace it more often, get in the habit of checking it, an the other fluids more often, like at every fill up.

Hi there,
I also drive an xA. The manual states that 5,000 miles to the oil change is the recommended interval. That’s what I do and the car is in great shape. I also monitor the oil condition, and at around 4,500 miles it barely starts to look used. I suggest you follow the manual’s recommendation of changing it every 5k.

Agree; the Scion is a Toyota product and Toyota has standardized on 5000 miles for all their vehicles, all service. They used to have 7500 miles and cut back since the engine sludge problems. Based on your driving pattern, 5000 miles is optimal, and 3000 miles would be too frequent with today’s high quality oils.

As the other posters have noted, every 5k is the oil change interval on this car, regarless of what the oil change chains say. When you’re getting close the “maintinence required” light will start to blink when you start the car and once you go past, it’ll stay on solid. Since you’ve been doing it at 3k, you’ve probably never even seen this light!