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Little Black Cones

Whenever I Vacuum my 1996 Toyota Corolla, I find near my gas pedal a bunch of
tiny black plastic cones about 3/8" long and about 1/8" at the base. What the heck are
these things. My friend Jim thanks I might be losing my steering box?

Is it the little grippies on the back of your floor mats? If so I will forward my address for prize money. ( :

This is not off topic, little black cones could be the protrusions on the bottom of floor mats that have broken off and lay in the floor until vacuumed up.

“Is it the little grippies on the back of your floor mats?”

This is what happens just before the accelerator pedal gets stuck to the floor mat…

Thanks for the response to my liitle black cones. Low and behold when I looked
at the bottom of my floor mat the little black nubbies were all missing in the middle.
So problem solved. Thanks again. Terrible Terry

A tip of the hat to meaneyedcatz.

Wow! I’d have never guessed that one!