Link to Tom and Ray's Objectives for Diyers?

There used to be a link on this website which listed a number of objectives for diyer’s, like, first, don’t injure yourself, second, don’t create new problems, etc. Is that page still here? If not, is it possible to return it? It can be just exactly what is needed as a reference, during discussions here.

Is it this?

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Yes, that’s it exactly. Is there currently a link to that, starting from the home CT page?

I didn’t find it that way. I found it by search. I’ve been told there is a lot of work going on with sorting through the years of old pages, but @Managing-Editor-Julie, this is an older resource perhaps worth highlighting for folks coming into the site.

If it’s available by searching the web site, that should be ok. I don’t see how to search the website though. Searching the forums, I know how to do that. But not the website.

I was moving on the fly and searched through Google. The site search isn’t currently active but I have passed this on. Thank you.

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Thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

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