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Lincoln Town car heater core repeated failures

My 2002 town car has developed an appetite for heater cores. It’s on it’s third one in 18 months. I seems to eat aftermarket or dealer parts just as quickly. My owner’s manual says I can use either coolant and I have changed it each time. My buddy suggests that something might be making the coolant acidic. Please help. My mechanic has announced this is the last core he is going to change.

in what manner are they each ‘‘bad’’ ?
I’ve see far too many heater cores break at the in/out tube welds due to the person wiggling or twisting the hoses too much during installation.

Has he not considered electrolysis? That can lead to repeated core failures.

Rather than type an explanation the link below may help understand it.

Do you know how the cores are failing? Leaking at the seams or welds? Leaking at the core? Plugging up?

The tube of the cores are failing inside/between the fins. I can’t see the hole but it isn’t at the bends or connections. I’ll have to check for electrolysis. Thanks for the link.

The next time the heater core is replaced, have your mechanic add the stop leak pellets just like they do at the factory of every Ford vehicle.

Or any other make of vehicle.


One off-beat idea, perhaps your car’s head gasket has sprung a little leak. That would make the coolant acidic, and could increase the cooling system pressure to boot. Usually that would show up as a leaking radiator first, but maybe you got a super strong radiator so it shows up in the heater core instead. Easy enough to check anyway. There’s test kits available in auto parts stores that will tell you if the cooling system is acidic or not.

I should point out I’ve never heard of a leaky head gasket causing this symptom. But such a thing seems possible at least .

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Many good suggestions!


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I’ve purchased the stop leak pellets and forwarded the link about electrolysis to my mechanic. Thank you all for your input and ideas!

Has the radiator cap been checked? Excess pressure could be causing the problem.