2001 Tracker Heater Core Failure



My 2001 Tracker has had five heater cores failures. The first was ay about 100,000 miles and it has been failing about every 10,000 miles since then. The Chevy dealer is at a complete loss as to why this is happening. Does any one know what might be causing this?


A batch of low quality heater cores. Perhaps having a radiator shop REPAIR your core instead of replacing it would work better. Assuming it’s repairable…


Electrolysis or botched installation might cause the problem as well. Too bad it is too late to find out where the leaks were.


Had a similar problem with an Isuzu Trooper. Dealer ended up putting 7 heater cores in it, all under warranty. The cores were aluminum and the antifreeze was corroding the cores due to electrolysis. Last core they put in was made from copper and didn’t have any more problems after that. Put another 45k o the car before selling it.