Lincoln in Distress

I have a 1996 Lincoln Continental that was not running for two to three months. I had the radaitor fan replaced after it was in a accident. Now when it starts it skips. It starts out slightly but get progressively worse as the day progress. It get can get to the place that you hav e to hold your foot on the gas and brakes so it won’t shut down. It can jerk sometimes when it get ready to take off. On a related or unrelated matter, the car runs hot and then cools down. It’s not leaking. Help please

You seem to be saying that the engine misfires so badly that it won’t idle. If it is misfiring, new spark plugs and wires are the first thing to try. And air filter, then, fuel filter.

Get it out on the highway and romp on it. A full throttle misfire will cause the CEL to come on and give you a trouble code you can work with…