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Lincoln Contenental

I have replaced all the parts i can think of and yet my car will just die anywhere when the temperature gets above about 80. If i drive it for any length of time when i restart it, it sounds like a very large fan is starting and shudders for a minute.

What year of car ?
Engine ?
Is it truly a “Continental” series car ? Some people generically say " Lincoln continental " not realizing Town car, Continental, Mark, LS ,can be different .

Define terms:

“All the parts I can think of”
“length of time”

It is a Lincoln Contenental. It is a 6 cylinder. 1993, but only has 105, 000 miles. I am only the third owner. I knew the first two.

The fwd Taurus-based version with the 3.8 l v6. What parts did you replace?

The first temperature sensative item I can think of is the TFI ( ignition ) module.
Then the fuel pump.

The ignition control module, tune up, alternater, fuel filter.