Limited slip difrential

Were can i find a limited s. difrential for a 93 saturn sc1 coupe.

Try this place…Took me 3 seconds with a Google Search.

Why do you want/need a LSD.

Are you sure that there was a LSD option on that car?

Or, were you thinking of an aftermarket LSD?
However, I’m not sure that any aftermarket units even exist for those cars.

Are you sure that you want to sink extra money into a 16 year old car?

Unnecessary. That car doesn’t produce enough power (85 HP) to warrant having one.

Good site, question, was limited slip offered by Honda on late model Accords?

As far as I recall–subject to correction–the only FWD car that offered a LSD was the '90s era Nissan Stanza. The high-end Stanza of that era featured a LSD as standard equipment. I do not recall a LSD even being an option on other FWD models.

Some of the higher end performance FWD cars can be had with them. The Cobalt SS, Integra Type R, The turbo DSM cars had LSD availible in certain years, So did the Civic Si IIRC.

In other words, cars with sufficient power to be able to benefit from a LSD have this as an option, unlike a car with 85 bhp!

We had a post 3 days ago by a person that described his Accord as being equipped with limited slip. I searched everywhere but found no mention of Honda ever offering this.