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Limited slip differential

When looking for a used Ford or Chevy 2WD pickup, how can I tell if it has a limited slip differential? Is it indicated in the VIN? Can I jack up the rear, turn one wheel and see if the other wheel turns the same direction? Would Traction Control do the same thing?

Yes, jacking it up and turning one wheel while observing the other will give you the answer with Ford Track loc and probably Chevy posi as well. There are many types of limited-slip differentials so it might not work with some of the exotic aftermarket LSDs, like Torsen. I really don’t know. Ford Sedans (ie. police cars) have the information on the door tag and on the differential tag sot the trucks probably do too. It is pretty easy to add a LSD so the tags may not tell you the whole story. One more thought, since it is not very expensive to add an LSD, especially if you get a salvaged unit and have it rebuilt (new clutches). I would try to find someone that has lots of experience in setting up rear gears. I have been told that it is not hard with some practice under experienced supervision, but it is not hard for someone inexperienced to really screw it up either.