How to tell a 150 from a 250

I just brought this Ford Econoline van and I was asked if it was a 150 or a 250. It doesn’t make a big difference to me (not doing any heavy hauling) but is there any way to tell by vin# etc?

Also,is there an easy way to tell if I have a limited slip differential without jacking up the back wheels? Thanks.

Look and see if it has a floating rearend-check its behavior on sharp turns and see if it wants to spin both wheels from a stop on slick surfaces-Kevin

What year is it?
One way to tell is the rear axle. The half ton (150) will have a Ford 8.8 rear axle 3/4 ton van will have the Sterling 10.25 inch rear axle. If it’s a newer model 98?-up and it has the 5.4L it will have a 9.75 inch rear axle, but I think that’s only on the half ton vans, though I could be mistaken.

As for the limited slip just look on the door jamb sticker for the axle code, if it’s a two digit number, then do not have limited slip. If it’s a letter followed by a number (for example H9) then you have limited slip. Keep in mind that Ford’ Track-Loc limited slip is no great shakes and that by 90k miles or so it’s pretty much ineffective as the stock clutch packs are usually pretty worn by that point.

It’s a '94 guys…sorry.

The VIN will surely tell you. Do a Google search for “VIN decoder” and you’ll find several web pages where you can type in the VIN and it will spit out the Make, model, and some option info. I think the CarFax site does that much for free.

5 lugs or 8 ?
Right in the vin is the truck type, digits 5,6,7.
for example 1FDWE15H71EB93834 is an E150. 1FSWE25------- is an E250. 8th digit is engine.
Tell me your vin to help decode.


1994 E250 cargo van, 7200 gvw ( a light 3/4 ton )-- 11/12/1993
– 300cid 4.9 L strait 6
– dana 60 semi-float NO limited slip, 9.75" rg, 3.54 ratio tag#605676-1 D403A
– C6 3spd auto trans –

Thanks Ken. You da MAN! I don’t care what everyone else is saying about you here on the site. lol

Spinning wheels are not always a good indication. Especially on Mustangs, the clutches on the limited-slip can be worn out from lots of wheel spinning.

There will (should) be a sticker on the door jab that will tell you the same thing and more…

A Dana 60? and a C6 to boot? no kidding? I thought for sure that the 3/4 and 1 ton vans shared the same running gear as the F-250/350. This is interesting stuff. Thanks for decoding that VIN.

And they often do. This was probably someone’s plain-jane delivery van ( flower shop ?, beer ?, illegal aliens ?), just a light 3/4. The build sheet says it didn’t even have a radio from the factory. Had grey painted bumpers, but it has a/c.

Now TEEJAY2 has a good starting base to cusomize from.

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