Limited RPM'S

My 2002 Mazda MPV will stall everytime after the rpms go over 2,000 and I let off the gas.
I can put it in neutral and it will start back up.
Not sure if something is clogged or its electrical?
It has 177,000


Check engine light on/flashing?

Could be many different problems. But here’s one idea: When you let off the gas, then coast with the transmission in gear, the fuel injectors on most cars stop injecting gas completely. It’s to save on gas, decrease pollution, and increase mpg. But the ECM is supposed to figure out when to re-start injecting as, so the engine doesn’t stall. Maybe something is amiss with all that. I think the ECM senses the engine vacuum to decide when it is time to start the injectors again. Maybe ask your shop to check for vacuum leaks.

Thank you, will check into. What does ECM stand for so I know?

Thanks again

A bad/dirty Idle Air Control could also be to blame for this problem, but, as George said, there are many possibilities.

And, we would still like to know if the CEL is lit up or flashing.
If it is lit up, the OP needs to have the stored trouble codes read–for free-at an auto parts store, and then come back to this thread to post the codes that were found.

If the CEL is flashing, he needs to take the car to a qualified mechanic immediately, before continued driving causes expensive damage to the engine and/or catalytic converter.

ECM means electronic control module, the engine computer.

Thank you. Yes the CEL is on and solid. Taking to have read. Will check into ECM and idle air control