Light turn on

I parked my car yesterday afternoon in a carport, open on four side with a roof with an asphalt floor. I wanted to protect my car as we were expecting severe thunderstorms and hail in Kansas City later on that night.

I locked my car with my keyless entry remote and as I walked away, I pressed the button again on keyless remote again to make certain I locked the car and heard the beep and saw the lights flash.

When I came out this morning and got in the car the inside map lights and dome lights were on, the front windows were cracked slightly and my battery was dead.

Since I parked the car during day, I did not have the inside lights on and because we were expecting a storm I did not crack the windows.

My question is: Could the thunderstorm have interfered with the electronics in my car and made the lights come on and consequently have drained the battery or,

or, did the storm effect the electronic signal to my car and it became unlocked and someone got in and turn on the lights on and crack the windows?

Nothing was missing or out of place.

Id, go with hypothosis no. 1.
In addition, check for mice in the wire harness. No offense to mice, but they do sometimes take up housekeeping in cars.

A bolt of lightning can be a billion volts strong. The link below is from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA, the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) division. The air in the discharge path can reach tens of thousands of degrees F.,

lightening is capable of all sort of damage and tricks.