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Life or Death for 2000 Toyota Sienna?

Do I have sucker written on my forehead? I scraped my undercarriage and was told:

1) By the first guy: $2800 front to back exhaust repair needed.

2) Second Guy: $2000 front exhaust repair needed

How can I tell what I actually need? Are these prices in line, at all? This is an 11-year-old car, that I want to sell anyway. Do the repairs or sell for parts? The KBB value says 4000.

How much could I get for it for parts? That is, if I pay $2000 and get 4000, I net 2000 (duh). If I just sell it for parts, could I get 2000 without repairs? Then I avoid dealing with scuzzy dealers.

First, kudos for valuing your vehicle appropriately. I can’t tell you how many people would think that their 11 year old Sienna is worth $7,000 because they saw one advertised for that much at a dealer.

That’s the first step in analyzing what you should do.

That said, you’re not likely to get more than $500-600 from this vehicle in scrap value. Definitely nowhere near $2000. You MIGHT get $2000 or even more if you break it up yourself and sell it for parts, but that process could take months or years to do. Do you want to have it sitting around that long? Will your neighbors tolerate it? Is it even legal in your city or allowed by your homeowner’s association (probably fine if it is garaged the whole time)?

Honestly, I think your best bet is to take it to a cheap exhaust shop that can replace the parts with generic direct-fit components at the lowest cost possible. Unless you damaged the catalytic converters, this repair should cost nowhere near $2000-2800.

Then if you want to sell it, you can, or you can keep it for awhile longer.

Either way, that’s probably your most cost-effective solution.

Go to a Midas shop for an evaluation and estimate. I don’t recommend them for general repairs but mufflers and exhaust is their specialty. Perhaps they can salvage enough of your current system to repair it without the cost of a full replacement.

The catalytic converter is damaged. One problem: I did this 2 hours away from my house, so the car had to be towed twice (thank you, insurance company). I can’t move it around anymore. So, I think I’ll haggle the price a bit - who knows, maybe I’ll get somewhere.

Good advice! Thanks!

This is such good advice! Thanks so much. I wish I could have it towed again.
Maybe, in haggling, I can threaten to do that. Anyone want to buy a Sienna? Har.