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Fix car before trading it in?

I was in a car accident (my fault) in my 2004 sienna (146000 miles). The damage esimate is $3000. Additionally I have body damage that I never repaired (estimate to fix is $8000). Do I repair it before I trade it in or trade it in “as is”? My car is presently not drivable unless I get the car fixed from my recent accident.

I’d see what the blue book value ( is of that car to give you a ball park number of what you may get from a dealer for the shape you can get the car in, once it is repaired.
Seems to me it they will need to give you ( 3K + 8K =) 11K for the trade in so you won’t lose money on it, should you have it repaired.
There’s no way a Sienna with 146K is worth 11K.

I’d junk it, getting some money for it as parts value, and use the 3K (insurance pays this, I take it) and whatever the junk value is to get a new car.

Unless you fix it, you van has no value except scrap. Edmunds says that if your van is an LE in clean shape, it’s worth $5400 in a private sale and about $4300 in trade. But it needs $11,000 in work to put it in clean condition. It isn’t worth fixing.

Agree. A 2004 Sienna in perfect condition is worth not a lot on trade-in. KBB on my 2002 is like $5,000 with 185,000 miles on it, and I suspect that is only because used cars are in more demand now. RemcoW is correct. Kiss off on that car. Take your $$$$ and start toward another.

Unless that $3000 will make it drivable and pass any inspections required.

I am guessing with $8000 unrepaired damage before this last wreck, it is pretty beat up.

And, when you post here, you get what people want to respond, not always what you want to hear. What I want to respond is you clearly need remedial driving course. Swallow your pride and take one.

Here’s another thought:
We know it won’t be worth anything but scrap value if you call a wrecker. He will not give you much at all.

If you or anyone in your family is halfway handy with a wrench and you have some space in your driveway, why not strip things out that you can and sell them on ebay, craigslist or specialized sites that deal with Siennas?
Things like seats, computer, doors, interior, mirrors, etc. are worth real money if they are in decent shape. Then, when the car is picked to the point of you being tired of looking at it, call a wrecker and they’ll drag it out of your yard and may give you a hundred bucks for the scrap value.

Irandes, thanks for the suggestions about my car. It was drivable before the crash. The previous damage happened when my husband was driving my car and also when my 18 year old daughter forgot my car was in the driveway. Backing up is my biggest problem. My next car will have a camera (for me) and bumper pad for the rest of my family!!!