Lexus RX A/C Failure



My RX a/c compressor failed after 30,000 miles. Dealer says a rock hit it and it’s not covered under warranty. How can this be? Shouldn’t a luxury car like the RX have a grill that protects the a/c components?


Make him prove it. That’s absolute bogus.

If he can show you a puncture in the casing, then beleive it. But seeing as it’d take nearly the force of a 9mm handgun bullet to cause that damage, I doubt it.

Go back, and this time, have the dealer put their findings in writing, signed. Call Lexus of America, call the BBB, call whoever you have to. Lexus of America won’t beleive it, they’ll know it’s bogus.



Well it is possible, but it seems un-likely. A rock may have damaged the evaporator however.

Any car, not just a luxury car, should be protected from common sources of damage. Rocks damaging evaporators are not really unheard of, I would not rate them as a problem that I would expect some special shield. It is sort of like wearing a belt and suspenders.


Let me add that I think you should get a second opinion for a good independent shop. If they suspect the diagnosis as I do, I would want to talk to the dealer’s manager or Lexus. If they agree with the dealer, you will find that they will likely repair it as well as the dealer for far less.


Are you sure you mean a compressor and not a condenser?
It’s always possible, but highly unlikely, that a rock would bounce up and ruin a compressor.

It is very possible that a rock can ruin a condenser and if this is the case, then warranty is not going to pay for it.
Warranty is for factory defects and workmanship only, not for road hazards.


I agree with ok4450 that it is the condenser, rather than the compressor, that was damaged by a rock. Since the condensor is in a somewhat vulnerable position, it is possible that a rock that was kicked up by a vehicle in front of you could damage it–sort of the same way that an errant rock could damage your windshield.

Surely you wouldn’t expect your warranty to cover a windshield that was damaged by a rock, and in a similar fashion, that is why your warranty wouldn’t cover similar damage to an A/C condenser.


OK AND VDC have it right. Condensor… and it’s not covered under warranty. Try your insurance for coverage.