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2017 Lexus RX 350 - Trans

We have a 2017 Lexus rx350 4wd auto transmission with about 3000 miles bought new. When going downhill from stop to first and to second gear, we can feel and hear the harsh jerks when Transmission gear shifts. The dealership’s mechanic tested another car of same model with same year and same 4wd on same downhill road find no such issues.
We have taken the vehicle to 2 Lexus dealerships and complained to Toyota. Their reply is “at this time it is a normal characteristic for this vehicle . No repair made or needed at this time”.
Please help.
Thank you.

That statement seems mixed up, it is standard practice to drive a like vehicle to see if it has the same characteristics and the reply was that the operation is normal. This is good news, you won’t have someone open your transmission looking for a problem that can’t be solved.

The latest RX350 model (2016-2018) has a number of quirks and it seems to take engineering nearly 3 years to develop solutions for these problems. Be patient, there may be a software update for the transmission control module one day.