Lexus radio downloads radio broadcast which is heard later?

Talking on the cell phone through the 1.7 milEisenhower Tunnel.
Normally, when we go through the tunnel, we hear a 60 Hz. interference on the AM radio presumably from the long fluorescentube light ballasts the full-length of the tunnel.
That interesting sound is heard nowherelse.

Many miles west of the tunnel, the cellphone call is concluded and I turn up the radio. We hear that same tunnel interference as though we are traveling through the tunnel!
It lasts the same amount of time as traveling through the tunnel and then we hear the AM station coming back in just like when emerging from the tunnel!

This was nearing Frisco, Coloradope, where we are not near anything that I can imagine produces the unique tunnel interference sound.

Is the Letsuck radio somehow downloading the radio program and playing it back?

Thank you.

On mine, when you pause the radio it will record the live broadcast into a buffer and then start playing back from the buffer when you unpause. So yes, it’s gonna record any interference you run through while it’s paused.

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Interesting! So the cell phone call paused the broadcast. Thank you, fax.
Also with FM?

Yep. And XM, if subscribed.

My brother’s Subaru does that when a call comes in. I think my wife’s new BMW can also do that, although we haven’t gotten to that section of the owner’s manual yet.