Lexus LS500

read report on new LS500. base is 75k. interior platinum upgrade is 12k and “road” package has air suspension for 12k more. which all say is required for the velvet ride. and auto height adjusting. report said good luck finding the unicorn,“base” car as none will ever be built. local dealer has 1 for 87k so i looked it up and it has the interior package. but no suspension package. anyone here know of a base version for sale in their area?

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You’ll probably have to order a base version. Dealers make good profit on the upgrades and options, and typically don’t carry the base versions of luxury cars. With economy cars, they cater to the wishes of the average economy car buyer and keep the upgrades and options to a minimum, but not with luxury cars.

You can check dealer stock on their web site.

Thought there were websites that had cars list price and actual dealer cost? So the markup between base/level1 /level 2 should be easy to find. It may show the markup is the same percent for all 3 levels?

Does the base version even have leather seating, sunroof and a decent sound system . . . ?

If it doesn’t, I really wouldn’t see the point of buying a luxury brand vehicle

You can get some info, and inventory data, from sites like If you do prepare to get lots of pop-up ads for cars for a while.

Yes the 75k car is ok. But, the platinum package for 12k is nicer

What do they know? I drove one last week, Autumn Simmer (brown), $76,700. Newport Lexus has one for $76,400. Sewell Lexus in Texas has 3 LS500s for under $77,300.

Edmunds says the usual discount is about $500 off MSRP at this time. It doesn’t matter what they bought it for, but what they will sell it for.

The air struts rise when you shut off car and get out. Easier egress.

Brand new, so don’t expect much or any discount.

I went to the web site to see this LS500 . Saw the front view , said Yuck and closed the site.

The entry point in the Northwest is $77,500 for one in Portland, with one in Bellevue available for $79,000 (AWD models only) More of a selection in the upper $80,000 range.

I do not like the grilles on most all Lexus. Were they going for this type look/vibe?image

Nah, they were emulating either a locomotive cow catcher or a catfish.

looks even worse with a light body color

yeah, pretty ugly. I’d be embarrassed if I had to drive one of those. Just hope it doesn’t become popular with other brands. I wonder if anyone took a survey on this?

I know, and I’m not a fan. Some folks are, and that’s OK. Let us know how you like it after a month or two if you buy it. That may give others with similar interests an idea of how it is to live with the car.

If you don’t mind a suggestion, consider test driving the Cadillac CT6. It has three engine choices: turbo 4, naturally aspirated V6, and twin turbo V6. Both V6s require the AWD option. I drove the 2017 V6 without the blower, and it was terrific. The car has great handling and good power. The luxury version starts at about $65,000 and the turbo 6 starts around $85,000. I haven’t driven the LS 460, the current model when I drove the CT6, and can’t compare the two. I expect the LS500 is more luxurious and more meant for highway or in town cruising. The CT6 does those well and also has excellent handling. Anyway, if you’re heart says LS, enjoy the car.

I like the new Lexus “face”, but it is purely a matter of taste. It does seem to be that people either love it or hate it. I’ve yet to talk to anyone who’s neutral about the look.