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Lexus IS250

There is noise. They said it is from FUEL EJECTOR. The noise is really annoying. But They can’t do anything because it is designed like that. I think it is very stupid answer.

Could “they” have said that the noise is from a fuel INJECTOR? If that is what was actually stated, I suggest that you seek a different mechanic. The fuel injectors should not be making noise and were not “designed like that”.

If this vehicle is under warranty (you failed to tell us the model year and the odometer mileage!), and if “they” refers to the Lexus dealership, I suggest that you contact Lexus Customer Support because the dealership is giving you the run-around.

What year is your car, and what kind of noise are you hearing?

Unless the engine in your Lexus uses direct fuel injection, and I can’t find anything that says it does, the fuel injection system should not make any noise that is apparent inside the car.

Thanks! I visited several times because of this. They kept saying that it is from fuel injector. It is 2007 model. Even I talked to main office, they got same message from dealer mechanics. And they said it is running within the specification.

For the kind of money that you spent on this car, you deserve better treatment than you are getting from that dealership!

Open your glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and find the contact information for the Lexus Zone Representative (or perhaps they call it Lexus Customer Service, or perhaps it goes by a different name). Make an appointment for this Lexus factory representative to inspect your car at the dealership.

These people have both the expertise and the authority to authorize repairs that dealerships (especially the very bad dealership that you are dealing with) do not want to perform. I am confident that you can have this problem resolved if you “kick it up a notch” to the Lexus factory people, as long as you keep everything on a calm, adult, professional level.

It is 2007 model.

I don’t know this can explain clearly. Noise like ‘knock, knock,…’. Something is knocking or touching somewhere.

I compared with new car. It has something like mine. My car is much louder than that.

I talked to another machanic. He said that model, IS250 has that noise somehow. I do not know who is right. Anyway it is not normal.

I would assume that a 2007 is still under warranty. Document each visit (for possible Lemon Law issue).

Now go back and ask them to show you another like car that makes the same noise.

At this point I suggest you consider trading the car for something else. I don’t think there will be a resolution if a similar car on the lot made the same type of noise, even if it was not as loud.

Did you test-drive before you bought the car? Did you hear the noise?

I’m surprised by this, because Lexus prides itself on the quietness of its vehicles, and I’ve never before heard anyone complain about the noise level of a Lexus.

Maybe your ears are extra sensitive, and you hear thing others don’t. Do your passengers hear this noise?

The problem is, if Lexus is too noisy, where do you go? I don’t have an answer.

Maybe the ES-, GS-, or LS-series. The IS is the sporting Lexus, maybe it makes more noise than the others, although I’ve never heard this mentioned.

I hate to say this, but I don’t think the Lexus dealer is going to change his story. If you feel the car is too noisy you may need to find another car.

This is a very difficult situation. I wish you the best of luck.