Lexus IS 350 starting issue. new battery

About 20% of the time when I click the button to start the car,
nothing happens. Maybe a single “click” and nothing. No electrical power at all in the car. I
cannot use the FOB or open the trunk. Just dead electrically.

The car jump starts easily and will restart nicely for a while, and then it
happens again.

The battery is pretty new.

thank you!

You need to have this battery checked… Most auto parts stores can do this for free.

Then you need to find out why the battery keeps dying. This requires a check of the alternator output, which you might also get checked for free at the auto parts store…

AND, you may need an actual mechanic (NOT the auto parts store employee) to run a parasitic draw test to find out what might be draining your battery. If you have any non-factory electronics in the car, assume it is one of them you might have to replace.


Check your battery terminals for loose connection first .If that doesn’t solve it, do what Mustangman says.


Year and miles?

2014 105,000

Would it be the battery if it starts right up 80% of the time?

My ES300 did that around 100,000 miles, it turned out the starter solenoid contacts were worn, creating an intermittent start. This is a common problem with Toyota/Lexus cars around 100,000 miles. If the battery, cable connections, and cables are good, I’d consider either a replacement starter or replacement starter solenoid contacts.

I’d try replacing the starter relay in the fuse box under the hood.


Is that a lot less expensive than replacing the starter? I imagine it is, especially since an owner can easily do it. I don’t know parts cost though.

I don’t think the starter relay would account for total loss f electrical poer to the car.

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