Lexus es300 bangs in any gear

I have a 98 Lexus ES 300. In neutral there’s no apparent problem, when in drive or reverse the car doesn’t want to move unless I press the gas, the moment I do it starts clunking so badly you can feel it throughout the whole car. I was taking it’s normal weekly or so drive around the neighborhood to see how it’s running, it was all fine until I got back in the driveway, turned it off, back on, clunking… I got it to the point where in park or neutral it’s fine but drive or reverse it doesn’t move until I accelerate and it feels almost like I’m trying to drive with a boot on a wheel. I’ve already dumped the money into this thing and I need to try to get it at least driving again, ASAP. Anyone with any insight please help, I’m willing to send videos of whatever I can to anyone who may know the issue. UPDATE: Drove the car for the first time in a few days since the issue started, issue is now only in reverse and not as intense but still a big problem.

It isn’t clear whether it’s an engine or transmission issue. What’s clunking? How many miles on it? When was the last time the transmission fluid was changed? When was the engine oil level checked last?

It’s only when the car is moving in reverse, I’m not sure exactly what’s doing what, oil was checked 2 weeks ago, transmission fluid About 2 years ago and it sat since then till I got it, Sadly it’s got just over 200k miles, and the previous owners clearly treated it like crap.