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Lexus electricts (new Sept. 2014)

Battery problems This problem may be more common than many suspect and perhaps easily fixed. see 4 batteries in 24 months May 2009. especially bobbyinatl solution to the problem. He says replace the aluminum factory battery conections with Pep Boys plain old lead connectors So maybe when the car heats up the funky aluminum factory connectors expand away from the lead terminals and no juice gets to the battery? See also 1998 Lexus ES 300 electrical problem.aarjay May 2009. and Lexus Electrics 4 days ago.(marcello ) I dont know how to get in touch with bobbyinatl to see if the fix still works. marcello

So what is the question!!!


Toyota/Lexus uses that terminal on all their models from at least the early 90’s. The only time I see an issue with the terminals is when they have not been tightened properly or if it has been damaged by corrosion. A new terminal only costs about $12 from Toyota.


I had the corrosion from an out-gassing battery eat away the positive battery terminal clamp on my 2011 Toyota Sienna. I replaced it with the lead terminal clamp at the same time I replaced the battery and have had no problem.

Any car or truck that has these cheap steel terminals will have a problem if there is a small
off-gassing of the battery which is always present.
I replace them with the lead terminals whenever I need to.


You’re making us jump thru hoops here @Marcello.

You have two posts about the same problem and now you want us to search out old posts.

You could just “cut and paste” from an old post into your original post, if you’d like to ask if that info sounds like a cure to your problem.

Keep to one post about one topic. If you’re not getting responses then update us as to what you have done to test our theories.


I’m going to close this one, and for simplicity’s sake any other thoughts on the above can be redirected to marcello’s other thread:

Lexus Electrics