Lexus CT hybrid or Honda Accord

My husband is in the market for a new car. He is currently driving a 1998 Toyota Camry. He has narrowed it down to two cars, very different, but cost is actually essentially the same. The Lexus CT Hybrid and the Honda Accord (V6) model. There is much discussion, the house is divided, friends are divided. We need more opinions. Does the car you are driving make a statement about you? Do either of these brands scream something?

Forget what they say, think about what he needs. The Accord has MUCH more room, the CT will get better mpgs but is much smaller. So how much room does he need for passengers?

I’d get neither, I’d look at the Fusion hybrid or the new Camry hybrid.

His needs are minimal, really point A to point B. He is usually the only rider. Rear seat being small is not much of a problem. We have one family car, it is nice that his car have a back seat, but leg room need not be big for the amount of time passengers will be in the back. Frequent trips to the airport, this is probably his longest ride of just over an hour. Work is close to home.

Is this a backup family car? If so, the Accord may be a more practical choice. And he might consider a 4-cyl Accord if he wants better mileage.

If it’s his car, and if he’s not the one asking for advice here, I smell a (marital) rat.

Hybrids really shine in stop and go traffic, but if he doesn’t put a lot of miles on the car, then it’s a wash. Of the 2, I’d get the Accord.

Hybrids fit nicely in a very narrow market nitch. IF you drive over 20k miles a year…and IF most of your driving is stop and go…and IF you plan on keeping your vehicle more then 8 years…then the hybrid is a good fit. Otherwise you’d just be wasting your money.

I don’t think either of these particular cars “scream” any message about the driver. Honda Accords are pretty bland family 4 door sedans. Nothing there, except maybe looking for reliability. Lexus CT hybrids are not a very common car, but look like just about anything else. Most folks won’t notice it. If you are worried that these cars scream anything might mean you are very sensitive to others opinions?

Both are good cars. I’d rather have a 4 cylinder Accord just for some better mpg. The V6 is a good motor and will perform better in all respects other than mpg.

Lexus cars are well made, but an equivalent Camry Hybrid could be roomier and better for same or less money. Both are made by Toyota.

They both scream boring. If it’s not for status I’d get a chevy cruze, save about $12000 and get 35 mpg. Insurance is also really cheap.

Both are good cars and if hubby is main driver, let him make the decision and everyone else mum up. If buying a car causes much consternation when you can afford one this expensive, we need to dwell on other things more important. Too many people with out a “need to know” are involved. It’s a one man decision.