Lexus Brakes

5 yr old, 74,000 miles RX330. Had front brake pads replaced and at dealer’s recommendation only front. Had all service done at dealership. Recommended back pads be replaced and needed front rotors shaved because they were overcompensating for bad back brakes. Had front rotors milled. Now the recommendation is for both front and back rotors to be replaced. I feel compounding problem due to initial recommendation of replacing only front brakes. Is this standard practice. Also, 70% highway driving.

from what I have read it is usual for rotors to be replaced rather than turned (or shaved)…The rotors are always replaced whenever I need the work done (RAV4). You do have a gripe if the time interval between the “shaving” and replacement is short.
Perhaps service manager will cut a deal based on your loyalty …

Is it usual to have brake pads and rotors replaced with less than 75,000 miles, mostly highway driving?

about 75,000 miles for a first brake job…seems about right…remember brakes stop your wheels from turning and your tires stop your car…safety first.

MOST of the braking is done with the front brakes so yea you usually replace the front brakes without ever replacing the rears. I just replaced the rear brakes on my 4runner…125k miles…I also replaced the front for the second time.