Lesabre rattling noise

I would add I changed the oil about 2 months ago and my guess is I didn’t put more than 1000 miles since

Suggest to assume you have some sort of oil system problem, and not run the engine at all until proved otherwise.

If your vehicle is a 98 with a lot of miles, engines wear out even if you drive them like a schoolmarm, and maintain them religiously.

You don’t have to abuse them or have an oiling problem.

It’s a machine.


So why only when at idle in gear and only with the belt on.

The belt puts tension on the crank bearings causing to make the noise but why when idle in gear

So there is no reason to pull that spring out?

Would my next step be drop the oil pan to inspect?

Pull the spring/valve out to see if they also have gold metal shavings.

If so, that’s why the oil pressure is high, and the rattling noise


Ok will remove spring.

This is a winter car so no hurry. But soon we will be saying summers almost over.

I removed that oil pressure switch regulator. A black circular object maybe 3 inches long. Easy yo get to with tire off. I put a magnet up to the hole. Nothing came out. Stuck a small screwdriver in the hole feels like nothing inside there.

Auto zone doesn’t sell that spring. He said if that part is bsd it would read high pressure.

Looks like their should be two parts inside there. A spring and a valve.

Is your engine oil filter configured the same as Tester’s diagram above?

It looks like that but it’s not showing the black 3 inch piece thst screws in the hole. Called a soil pressure sensor

Oil Pressure Switch w/Oil Pressure Gauge for Buick Cadillac Chevy Olds Pontiac As eBay calls it

I think that’s the hole for the oil pressure sender. No where I’d expect the oil-pressure regulating spring would be located.

Did you know you can buy an oil pump repair kit for your engine that includes the oil pressure valve and spring?

Keep listening to George, and he’ll provide you with the correct information. :crazy_face:


Is there supposed to be a spring and valve inside there?

Do you guys think the noise is from the oil pump?

I guess you are waiting on George to answer that since Tester has already said answered that multiple times, the last one is Testers post right above you…

Tester mentioned the spring and valve come with the set. But if it’s supposed to be there what happened to mine?

Tester posted this in a reply to you 13 days ago…

He even circled in Red, at the bottom it has a part description (74/75)…

Yes, you have both a spring and a valve, yours must be stuck as Tester also already mentioned in the same post… If you can not get it un stuck by whatever means, then you might have to dig a little deeper and take it apart…

NOTE: regulator = oil pressure valve (it regulates the oil pressure)…

Hope that helps some…

When an oil gauge malfunctions, replacing the oil pressure sending unit is usually the first step.

Been to busy to do anything with this. But looking at the book. It says to remove this valve and spring you have to remove timing chain cover remove the 4 bolts holding the oil filter adapter to the timing chain cover. The cover is spring loaded, so keeping pressure on the cover then release the spring pressure carefully. Remove the pressure reg valve and spring.

So According to that it will not come out with a magnet.

I’m gonna try putting a different pressure sender and see if the pressure is normal then. Maybe this weekend.

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A new oil pressure sender it’s still runs at around 88 at idle or not cold or warm.

Messing with that oil pump looks like a bitch. I’m kinda doubt it’s that spring making the noise. I found a place that does free estimates. Plan to have them look at it later this month. I’ll have him look at the metal shavings I found when I drained it also. There’s not as much as I thought when I first drained it but still a fair amount.

Symptoms of a bad pump I seen are high oil pressure and a noise. What kind of noise they did not say. I’ll see what the shop says. I’ve stopped by a couple shops before but those were a just someone taking a couple minutes to take a look and listen. This will be a actual appointment.